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What people have said about The Science Break

I found the explanations and past paper questions very useful in my studies for GCSE. my predicted science grades are now 9's

Zack L, student 2022

Update - 3 grade 9s achieved, August 2022

My son watched all the physics, bio and chem videos that exactly followed the aqa trilogy spec and secured all 9s at gcse, thanks for creating, well worth the money. 

Andrea P, parent, August 2022

The Science Break videos are outstanding.  The lessons are engaging and Kishore makes good use of the online whiteboard to explain the topics. My daughter found his resources a great help, and enhanced her understanding of the sciences. She achieved 3 grade 8s this summer. 

— SMC, parent, 2022

"I'm so happy, i never thought I'd be able to do so well in science!! two grade 8 and a grade 9. Thank you Science break!!"

— Sarena P, student, August 2022

"I got my mum to get a subscription for physics and chem which were my weakest. grade 9 for both - wish I had got the biology as well! Thank you so much I got the A levels I wanted - all thanks to you"

Micheal K, student, August 2022

A friend of mine recommended you after using your videos a few years ago. C was so behind in science, we were really worried. Your videos were a life saver. Easy to follow and well explained. They covered everything in detail. The result - 8, 8, 7. We were over the moon. Especially as she hadn't got above grade 6 in her mocks. I will be recommending to everyone! 

— Keira S, parent, August 2022

"Your videos have been an incredible help for her and have massively reduced her stress levels around her GCSEs as your content has brought her a new confidence in her science understanding."

— Sally M, parent, 2021

"E  has been homeschooled since age 10. We signed up a couple of years ago for your GCSE science tutorials. It has given her confidence a real boost. She couldn't have been more pleased with herself. So thank you for this great resource."

Heather G, parent, June 2021

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The best revision tool for the upcoming exams. The website has just had a revamp and is more helpful than ever. With easy to follow simple videos with note templates you can use to ensure your understanding and then to consolidate your learning, exam questions. Best revision tool for science (combined or triple). Worth every penny (only a few quid). Helped me to achieve all grade 9s in all my 2019 aqa separate science exams! Thanks Mr V

— Billy S, student, 2019

"Kishore is an excellent teacher and taught my daughter science for the 2 years online, leading up to her GCSE assessments in 2021. Her final grade was 9-9 in Combined Science. His teaching approach is well structured with detail oriented notes. My daughter built a lot of confidence. We are very pleased with the result."

Harish B, parent 2021

"Reliable consistent online lessons with relevant syllabus content explained in an easy to grasp way together with exam question practice that resulted in 3 science  (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) grade 9s. Very grateful for his help."

Manisha S, parent, 2021

"All 9s! The only 9s she got. All thanks to you."

Reshma P, parent, 2019

Mr V! Thank you, thank you thank you! Two 9s and an 8

Mo A , student,  2021

I'm doing A level biology and chemistry after getting grade 8 8 in my science. The Science Break saved my life!!!

— Jaspreet KS, student, 2021

"A*** got excellent mock exam results from your videos on youtube, so we spent the few pounds to get the rest. Those plus the exam practice was a game changer. Wish we had found you sooner - thank you Kishore!"

Mariana C, parent, 2022

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