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About The Science Break

It can be tricky to find quality online help for GCSE Science. There are so many choices and finding for the right one can be difficult. My priority is to make the best possible online learning experience for GCSE Science that is easily accessible. That includes: 

  1. Easy to follow video lessons

  2. Question practice

  3. Exam practice

1. Easy to follow video lessons. 

The lessons on The Science Break are very carefully planned to match the exact specification points for AQA GCSE Science. As a teacher I have to know the right depth to teach to and this comes from being an experienced (and current) teacher of science. The lessons carefully take students from the basics up to complex ideas. The videos are not too long (about 8 minutes on average) There is no waffle or irrelevant content.

2. Question practice

What is the difference between question practice and exam practice? Question practice is when you need to do a lot of work on a particular topic in order to increase your confidence. A common example is the calculations unit in chemistry. For that unit I have included lots of extra practice with the videos.  

3. Exam practice

This is about recalling and applying knowledge. Questions can be asked in many different contexts and my students often tell me that the application questions are the hardest. How do you get better at application questions? You do as many as you can. On The Science Break, every lesson comes with a a carefully written exam practice question which means you can have a little and often approach to exam practice. And at the end of every specification unit, there is a topic test that assesses your knowledge of the whole topic. If you joined the triple science course, that is about 2,000 marks worth of practice! Then move on to the past paper page where all the papers are listed in one place for quick and easy access. 

Making it accessible

You can subscribe to courses for as little as £2.99 per course per month. And you can access all of the lessons for paper 1 for AQA GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics on my Youtube channel for free. That's about 140 lessons. You can find The Science Break on Youtube here. 

So here we are, The Science Break for GCSE Science (and a growing number of Key Stage 3 Science videos) is here for you if you need help with complete courses with exam practice. Everything you need to hit those top grades for GCSE Science. 

Have questions? Drop me a line using the contact form.  

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