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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Science Break?

The Science Break is a video-based learning and revision resource for the 9-1 AQA GCSE Science courses. There are video lessons, notes sheets and exam practice questions for the entire courses for AQA GCSE Triple Science and for Combined Science (Trilogy).

How much is a subscription?

You can buy a monthly subscription for £2.99 per month for each Separate Science subject and £5.99 per month for Combined Science. You can cancel at any time from your account on the website. 

Can I have a free trial?

You can register for free and get access to video lessons for all of the paper 1 topics for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and for all the Combined Science topics. For access to the videos for the entire course and notes sheets, exam practice questions and answers, you'll need to subscribe.

Which course do I subscribe to?

The lessons are for AQA GCSE science. If you are doing the Separate Science course, then you can sign up for each one separately. If you are doing the Combined Science course, also known as Trilogy, you can sign up to the Combined Science course and get access to all the science content for that course.

What is Trilogy?

Exam boards all offer a combined science course that has aspects of biology, chemistry and physics in them. The exam board AQA calls their combined science course Trilogy and it is worth two GCSEs, graded at anything in between 1-1 up to the top grade, 9-9.

What is the difference between Triple Science and Separate Science

These two terms are used interchangeably and for UK exam boards, means the same thing. Students who study triple science usually study biology, chemistry and physics and earn three separate GCSEs, each grades from lowest 1 up to the top grade 9.

So, I can get all paper 1 videos for free? 

Yes, and there is no need to give credit card information either. Just register for free and watch whichever lessons you need. That's about 100 video lessons! They are linked to our YouTube channel so feel free to watch them there. However, here they are sequenced in spec order and no distractions or searching. 

Is there a minimum subscription period? 

Yes, the minimum is one month, so you could just subscribe for the lead up to exams and cancel. We recommend subscribing earlier in order to pace yourself and learn the content in a manageable way. But you, cancel at anytime after one month from within the site, hassle free. 

I have questions about GCSE science courses, can you help?

Of course! Exams can be stressful for parents and students at the best of times. Drop us a line using the contact form and we'll be in touch. We'll even book in a phone call if that makes things easier.

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