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Free GCSE Science video lessons for paper 1 content

Register for free to watch all the videos for AQA GCSE Science paper 1s, all arranged in order of the specification for Biology, Chemistry & Physics. 

AQA GCSE Biology

All the video lessons for paper 1 Biology for Triple Science


AQA GCSE Chemistry

All the video lessons for paper 1 Chemistry for Triple Science


AQA GCSE Physics

All the video lessons for paper 1 Physics for Triple Science


New addition!

Your GCSE Science revision plan

Grab a copy of this personal revision tracking sheet. 

Mark off topics as you cover, revise and practise them. 

You'll need a google account (we don't
record it) or just grab the pdf version. 

Checklist annotations.png

While you are here... 

We also have subscriptions for GCSE Science. You can get access to all the videos for your GCSE Science course, along with practice questions to help apply your learning. Every video comes with notes sheets for quick revision. Manage your subscription from your account. 

AQA GCSE Biology

Video lessons, notes and exam practice for everything from cell structure to biotechnology - exactly by spec points. 

£2.99 per month

AQA GCSE Chemistry

Video lessons, notes and exam practice for everything from from atoms and bonding to conditions for the Haber process. 

£2.99 per month

AQA GCSE Physics

From energy and electricity to space physics. All explained simply with a view to achieve grade 8 or 9. Join  for £2.99 per month 

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