GCSE Physics Exams - Summer 2022

If you are in year 11 and you are doing GCSE Physics this summer (summer 2022), for either triple science or combined science, you will be given an equation sheet. In a normal year you have to learn about 22 equations - not this year.

Information from the exam board for 2022 exams only, says that you will be given complete equation sheets with all the equations, for physics for both GCSE Combined Science Physics and GCSE Separate Science Physics.

Remember the equation sheet is double sided so you will need to look at both sides.

Also, don't forget, anytime you have to use an equation in physics, you may have to do a unit conversion, for example, mass should be in kilograms. If it is given in grams then you are probably going to have to convert. The conversion is often worth a mark as well.


For example: calculate the density of a block of mass 250 grams and a volume of 0.5 metres cubed. [2]

Answer ___________________________


This is quite a simple question, once you grab the equation from the equation sheet, so it would usually be worth one mark. The fact that it is worth 2 marks shows that something else might need doing. In this case it's conversion of units.

The 250 grams should be converted to kilograms, so the answer would be:

250 grams = 0.25 kg [1] (This is done by dividing the mass in grams, by 1000)

0.25 / 0.5 (volume is already in the correct unit).

= 0.5 [1]

Remember, always show your working. Even if you get the final answer wrong, you can gain marks for your working. There may also be a mark for writing the units. Can you remember the units for density and other quantities? If not, don't worry, you can grab a summary of all the units for GCSE Physics from our 'Free stuff' page. Just register and click the link. Keep the summary with you on your phone for quick revision during those few minutes on the bus or waiting in line somewhere. By the way, units for density are kg/m3.

So, here are the equation sheets:

AQA GCSE Physics Equation Sheets

Physics for AQA Separate (triple) Science

Physics for AQA Combined Science (Trilogy)

Edexcel GCSE Physics Equations Sheet

Note that the for Edexcel, the equation sheet is the same one for both Combined Science and Triple Science Physics.

Physics for Edexcel Combined Science and Separate Science

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