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Chemistry Calculations for Triple Science

About this course

This topic is one of the most difficult ones. But don't worry, here there are careful explanations of how to do the calculations and a lot of practice. This part of the specification always comes up in Chemistry paper 1 and is worth up to a whole grade or more. This short course of 10 video lessons covers the entire topic and has a lot of practice questions. - Make notes on the given notes templates or just download the completed notes. Each lesson has: - a video lesson that carefully explains the topic - 6 multiple choice questions. - a practice worksheet with answers - an exam question with answers - Then, when all the lessons are done, you can try to topic test which tests knowledge of the whole unit. Raise your grade for just £1.49 per month (you can easily complete the course within a month). Cancel the subscription, quickly and hassle free from your account.



Calculations, £1.49/month

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