Chemistry Calculations for Combined Science

About this course

The average percent of marks available in past papers for the calculations is 13% The marks range from 10% to 24% over all the past papers - we checked. That is about one whole grade. This part of the specification has always comes up in exams. So if you think about it, you could go up almost a whole grade by knowing this part of the spec that is going to be on exams. This short course teaches you how to do the calculations and then gives lots of practice. It only goes through the topics needed for Combined Science on the AQA Specification (Not the triple science content). - Make notes on the given notes templates or just download the completed notes (called Notes +). - Try the multiple choice questions. For every question you get wrong there is an explanation for the right answer. - Try the exam practice question, which help you apply what you have learned. - Then, when all the lessons are done, you can try to topic test which tests knowledge of the whole unit, just like they do in the exams. Good luck, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us, using the contact form on the website.



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